1. Competing

a) Seeding and host privileges are specific to each game. Ensure you are familiar with these rules to avoid any delays or confusion.
b) Once the bracket is released you will have 15 minutes to begin your first match. If you progress further you will have 15 minutes to begin that match also. This process is repeated until the completion of the Tournament. If you delay any further you will be forfeited. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have the opposing team added and in the lobby within this time frame.
c) All matches are to be played out with the correct rules associated to the Tournament you are competing in. Any incorrect rules or foul play will result in a forfeit.
d) When payouts to prize winners are applicable; WagerBot will ONLY send the monies to the team, not individual participants. Monies will be sent to the Paypal used to register for said Tournament. 

2. Foul Play

a) Foul play is considered the following:

  • Exploiting in game glitches or mechanics (ie: Getting under the map or in an area not intended to breached)
  • Account Sharing
  • dDos’ing
  • Incorrect In-Game Rule set
  • Incorrect Roster used
  • Keyboard/Mousing Xim’ing (Specific to consoles only)

b) It is the Admins discretion that determines any other form of Foul Play. Admins decision is final.
c) Evidence must be provided to prove Foul Play or vise versa.

3. Disputing

a) Evidence must be provided in the form of a Photo or Video of Foul Play.
b) False claims of Foul Play could result in a ban from future WagerBot Tournaments. 

4. Reporting

All matches must be reported via the score submission tab located on each Tournament / League bracket.