The Australian ESports Network (AEN) terms can change at any time. Please ensure you keep up to date with our Terms to avoid any complications.

The terms below outline the transactions and dealings with the host ‘Australian ESports Network’ (AEN) and you, the customer.

Tournament Entry

  1. When registering for an AEN Tournament or League, the customer understands his/her entry fee will be added to the prize pool determined by his/her and other entry fee’s unless .
  2. When the customer enters an AEN Tournament they understand their entry fee will be used to determine a final prize pool for the Tournament.
  3. When entering an AEN Tournament, the customer is aware the monies are non-refundable; unless a refund is requested for reasons in accordance to the points below (Refunds)
  4. AEN Tournaments are dedicated to Australian and New Zealand residents ONLY!



  1. AEN Tournaments can go LIVE (Available for the public to see) with 3 players / teams. If a customer pays entry fee and the Tournament does not reach this requirement, the monies will be refunded to the customer.
  2. The customer can request a refund of their entry BEFORE the scheduled start time of the Tournament. After this, the monies can NOT be refunded unless approved by an AEN administrator.
  3. Any “double-ups” of Tournament entries (Paying multiple entry fees to the same Tournament) will be refunded when the AEN administration team has been notified of this issue.
  4. Any attempts to use PayPal’s return policy after the customer has competed in the Tournament (attempting to retain the entry fee after competing fairly) may result in a ban from future AEN Tournament’s / Leagues.


Tournament proceedings

  1. The customer MUST adhere to the AEN terms, general rules and game specific rules. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of their match, tournament involvement and entry fee.
  2. AEN’s holding fee for hosting the Tournament is 12.5% of the total number of entry fees (which determine the final prize pool)
  3. AEN’s holding fee for “Major Tournaments” or “Leagues” can increase to 15% of the total number of entry fees.
  4. The winner of each match MUST submit the scores via our score submission feature located in every Tournament HUB.
  5. The winner of the Tournament MUST submit the scores via our score submission feature located in every Tournament HUB. In doing so will ensure the payment is sent to the correct customer.
  6. The customer who paid the entry fee will be sent all of the appropriate monies to the PayPal account used to pay the initial entry fee.
  7. Payouts may take up to 48 hours to process to ensure the entire Tournament’s proceedings were done so in accordance with AEN’s terms, general rules and game specific rules.


Receiving prize money

  1. AEN reserves the right to hold prize money from a person or team who is under investigation for cheating / breaking the rules etc.
  2. AEN will ONLY send prize money to the players, not organisations or team owners unless advised otherwise.
  3. AEN must receive a filled out “AEN Payment Claim Form” before prize money is distributed.
  4. International transfers (outside of Australia) may incur a transaction fee.