AEN Call of Duty Season

November 21, 2019


With 2019 coming to a close and plenty of lessons learned from our two Black Ops 4 seasons, it’s time to transition to the future of Online Seasons for the Australian and New Zealand Call of Duty community. Over the off season, the team at the Australian ESports Network has worked tirelessly to give you all a competitive Online Season with great benefits for your team and / or Organisation. With top quality casting and a year-round platform to show-case your skills in the ANZ Amateur scene, we believe this format is unlike anything you have seen before in terms of Call of Duty competition in Australia or New Zealand.

So without further stalling, let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we?


Season Overview

The AEN CoD Season will be a 7-month season with 4 phases starting in February 2020. Each phase will be streamed with casting, analysis and recaps on the featured phase to ensure your brand is on display for everyone to see. Our goal is to provide a professional level experience for the players and teams while still retaining a core focus of developing grassroots ESports in Australia and New Zealand.

Some major features of the AEN CoD Season are:

  • Total Season Prize pool of $7500AU!
  • Platinum and OPEN divisions
  • Cross Platform – PC, PS4, XBOX (KBM Allowed)
  • Streams and Casting of every phase
  • Minimum age requirement of 18+


When: 16/2/2020 – 8/3/2020

The initial stage of the season will feature FOUR OQT’s (Online Qualifying Tournaments) These will be Double Elimination bracket Tournaments with the top 4 teams advancing to phase 2 (16 total Teams advance to phase 2)

  • $11 Entry fee per team*
  • $125 Guaranteed prize pool for each OQT **


When: 22/3/2020

With the top 16 teams advanced, we will see them compete in a 2-stage Tournament with Pool Play into a Double Elimination Bracket. The LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) will be structured as follows:

  • 4 Pools of 4 Teams (Single Round Robin)
  • All teams advance to the Double Elimination Bracket with seeds based off their placements after Pool Play.
  • For an Example of the LCQ Phase: 
  • Double Elimination bracket will use the “Win two before you lose two” method
  • Top 8 Teams will advance to Phase 3


When: 23/3/2020 – 14/6/2020

With the Season split in to TWO divisions we will FINALLY see the season truly take shape. The season split will benefit both tiers of players by giving each Division a dedicated space to improve their game and compete for their own prize pool. The Platinum Division will feature the Top 8 teams who have cemented their spot in the pinnacle tier, while the OPEN Division looks to cater to those looking to improve their skills while giving them a competitive platform to do so. Didn’t make it to the Platinum Division? NEVER FEAR! There is still PLENTY to play for!


-Platinum Division- 

  • $192.50 League fee per team*
  • 1 Pool of 8 Teams (Double Round Robin)
  • All teams advance to Phase 4
  • Each series winner will receive a $50 win bonus to the team (Potential $650 in bonus winnings to an undefeated team)
  • EVERY GAME STREAMED by affiliated AEN channels


-OPEN Division-

Throughout the 14 week period of Phase 3 we will be hosting an OPEN Division to run alongside the Platinum Division. The OPEN Division will feature Double Elimination Tournament’s which include cheap entry fees and a guaranteed space for CoD gamers outside of the Platinum Division. Each Online Seeding Tournament (OST) will give League Points to each individual based off their teams performance. These League Points will be used to determine seeds for future Tournaments associated with the League.

  • $11 Entry fee per team*
  • Top 8 Teams based off League Points will advance to an LCQ Double Elimination tournament; in which the Top 4 Teams will advance to Phase 4


When: 20/6/2020 


Once the final 12 teams have been determined, the final phase will take place with the EIGHT Platinum Division teams and FOUR OPEN Division teams fighting it out for a chance to take home a piece of the $4000 prize pool. The Season Finals will be a Double Elimination Tournament with the final prize pool breakdown as follows:

1st: $2000
2nd: $1000
3rd: $650
4th: $350


This is only the beginning of what we have to offer to the ANZ Call of Duty community. With this stepping stone, we will look to continue the growth of ANZ CoD and legitimising the scene by provide a quality season to look forward to. Our goal is to ensure EVERY level of gamer has a chance to compete for their own prize pool and hone their skills to potentially move up the ranks of the ANZ CoD scene. Stay tuned for more season info!

*Includes GST
** Prize pool may change with increased registrations

Dates are subject to change