General Rules

Australian Esports Network Warzone Tournaments are a 2 match process with the team acquiring the highest amount of kills winning and advancing in the bracket.

-Tie Breakers-
If both teams have the same amount of kills after two matches have been played; a tie breaking match will be played to determine a winner. If the Tie breaker match is tied AGAIN, a winner is determined by the following (in order)

1. Longest surviving team
2. Score
3. Damage
4. Contracts
5. Coin Flip


-2v2 Tournament-

Both teams will begin a Squad Warzone match (4 player teams). You must be in the same lobby as your opposition.
The most kills combined after 2 maps is the winner.


-3v3 Tournament-

Each team will allocate one member of their team to join the opposition party. The group of 2 will invite the allocated solo player to their party and begin the series. This player allocation can not be changed mid-series.


Team A / Team A / Team B
Team B / Team B / Team A

Although your team is split into separate parties, all three players contribute to YOUR TEAMS Kill total.


-Timed Kill Races-

  • Each ‘Timed Kill Race’ Tournament will have a custom clan tag released when the bracket goes LIVE. Every team MUST have the custom clan tag in their name while competing to prove their matches were from the live session.
  • Timed Kill Race Tournaments will last for a selected time period with the top 5 games counting towards your end total. Your top 5 games will be determined by a points system based on your placement and kill total for those 5 games.
  • Proof of these 5 games MUST be submitted via DM or the ‘Submit Result’ feature on Tournament HUB.
  • You are NOT Limited to 5 games for the session. You can play as many as you can fit in but scores MUST be entered before the Tournament ends.


Each kill = 1pt

For example, your best 5 games could look like this:

GAME 1: 50 Kills
GAME 2: 45 Kills
GAME 3: 40 Kills
GAME 4: 20 Kills
GAME 5: 25 Kills

TOTAL = 180 points


We recommend taking photos of each map to ensure a smooth score submission process.


The following actions are considered “cheating” – If a player or team is caught performing any these methods they will be forfeited from the match.

– Collusion / Teaming
– Hacking
– dDos’ing
– Team killing (accidental or on purpose)

Hosting Rules

– Hosting is not an issue in Warzone Tournaments. Should there be any issues with beginning the match, we will enforce a highest seed hosts first system with alternating hosts.
– Teams will have 15 mins to join in the opposition lobby once their match has been updated.
– Teams have 5 mins in between maps to be in the opposition lobby.