1.1 All VALORANT Tournaments hosted by the Australian Esports Network (PlayAEN) are strictly limited to Australian and New Zealand residents. As much as we would love to support more regions, anyone outside of these countries may be required to forfeit their matches.

1.2 Teams have a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes to be in the oppositions lobby to start the match. Failure to do so may result in a Forfeit of said match (See ‘HOSTING & SEEDING for more information)

1.3 The Australian Esports Network reserves the right to forfeit any team who may be displaying a toxic nature to opposing team members or AEN staff. Some of these methods are, but not limited to:
1.3.1 Abuse, bullying, threats, dDos attacks or threats, sexism or racism. Any other forms of abuse are subject to admin discretion.

1.4 When registering your team, at least one member of your team MUST enter their full In-Game ID.
EXAMPLE: Player#1234


2.1 The highest seeded team (closest to ZERO) will host a 5v5 Unrated Custom Game and invite the opposing team’s captain – CHEATS MUST BE TURNED OFF!

2.2 The lowest seeded team will join the aforementioned lobby.

2.3 The Map VETO Process will begin.


3.1 The Highest Seed team will select whether they will be Team A or Team B.

Team A: Bans first and picks map from the remaining pool.
Team B: Bans second an picks which side they will start on.

3.2 Once the teams have decided who is Team A and B, the VETO process will begin. We recommend discussing the VETOs via our Discord or by using the In-Game Text box by addressing ‘ALL’

3.3 The VETO process will perform as follows.

3.3.1 Team A BANS 1 x Map
3.3.2 Team B BANS 1 x Map
3.3.3 Team A Selects the map from the remaining map pool
3.3.4 Team B Selects which side they will start from

Bind / Haven / Split / Ascent


4.1 To submit scores, we request the winning team uses the on-site score submission

4.2 Enter the match details like the example below and click ‘Submit’

*Score Submission MUST be entered via PC and NOT a mobile device.

4.2.1 Match ID is the match number shown on the bracket

4.2.2 Enter the Team name of the winning team
4.2.3 Enter the Score
4.2.4 Attach a screenshot of the score for proof.