General Call of Duty Rules

1) Highest seed decides who is Team A or Team B

Team A

Hosts maps 1, 3 & 5

Selects maps 2 & 4 and Picks side

Team B

Hosts maps 2 & 4

Selects maps 1, 3 & 5 and Picks side

(Maps 4 and 5 are only applicable in a Best of 5 Series)



Both teams will ban the following:
1 x Hardpoint map each
1 x SND map each
1 x Domination / Control map each

After the VETO process, teams will pick their maps from the remaining maps available:
Team B Picks Map 1 / 3 / 5
Team A Picks Map 2 / 4


2) We suggest a HOST TEST prior to each series to determine the host is capable, however this is not a requirement. If no suitable host is present, a Mutual Host is required. If none are available the Match will be cancelled unless both teams can agree on a solution.

2.1) When deciding on your host, please keep in mind the majority locations of the entire lobby. If 50% or more of your team are from the same state / coastline / country, you need not worry about this rule. HOWEVER, if less than 50% of your team are not from the hosts state / coastline / country, you may be required to find an east coast host for your hosted maps.

(EG using 4v4 game mode: If 2 of your team members are from Western Australia and the rest are Sydney, you CAN use your WA host. However, if you only have 1 member from WA, you CAN NOT use this host and an east coast host must be used.)

East coast = Sydney, Queensland or Victoria.


3) If a host times out at any point during a “Respawn Mode” they will immediately forfeit the map. 

  • If a host times out at any point during an SND match, they will forfeit the affected round.
  • If streaks / specialists were acquired on the opposing team when the host disconnects, the hosting team will lose an additional round. (Host team will lose the affected round + 1 at the point of the time out)


4) Once the bracket has been updated. Teams have 15 minutes to be in the Hosting lobby and ready for the scheduled series. Failure to do so will result in a Forfeit of Map 1 – Every additional 5 minutes will incur an additional map forfeit until a winner is determined.


5) Teams have 5 Minutes to be ready in between maps. Failure to do so will result in a Forfeit of that Map.


6) Random players joining can occur, so we request all players to appear offline while competing in our Tournaments to avoid this issue. If it is discovered that a non-registered person(s) joins the game and disrupts gameplay, the person(s) who are friends with the intruder will forfeit the map for their team.


7) If a player times out or disconnects within 30 Seconds of the map starting (This INCLUDES the Count Down Timer at the start of the map) Host must end the match to add the Disconnected player. The player missing from the lobby has 2 minutes (From the point of both teams returning to the lobby) to re-join. If the same player disconnects again the match must be played out. Teams are given a MAXIMUM of 2 Time outs / Disconnections per series. Once these Disconnections are used up, the match will continue on as per normal.


8) If a player disconnects at any point after the aforementioned time period. The match must continue and the player who disconnected will have to join the live party session. The host of the lobby MUST have his/her Privacy Party OPEN. If it is found that the host does not have their Privacy Party open, they may be required to replay the map as the disconnected player was unable to openly join the game session.


9) Any Foul play discovered will result in a Forfeit of the Round, Map or Series depending on the severity of the incident.

  • If a team uses a banned item in Search and Destroy they will immediately forfeit that round. NOT the entire series.

10) Only players that have been Listed for the tournament are eligible to play. No fill-ins are permitted to play unless stated otherwise in the tournament rules. Any unlisted players who participates will result in a forfeit of the map for that team.


11) All AEN Call of Duty Tournaments require our participants to be 18 years old (At minimum).