Cheezzy is VERTEX’s quiet achiever. With no access to streams or YouTube, Cheezzy relies on his in-game performances to build his reputation. Cheezzy will also represent VERTEX at Dreamhack Anaheim in 2020 as he competes in the Solo Tournament alongside Flyy. With plenty of FNCS finals appearances under his belt and a level of commitment to improving his game, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cheezzy is considered one of the best OCE Fortnite players in 2020.


Our longest serving #wolfpack member. Flyy has competed against some of the nations AND soon to be worlds best Fortnite players with a Top 100 placement at the first AO Summer Smash and an appearance at Dreamhack Anaheim February 2020. A consistent FNCS finalist and one of the scenes up-and-coming Fortnite stars.