AEN Platinum Division Season 3 + OPEN Division info

January 11, 2021

With the recent success of our Cold War SND Season, we thought it would only be necessary to re-introduce our pinnacle division to ANZ once more.

The Platinum Division returns for SEASON THREE!

We won’t bore you with huge paragraphs on our plans for this season, so let’s just summarise the whole thing, shall we?

Platinum Division – $2500

  • Starts 1/2/21
  • Top 8 teams in ANZ.
  • Single Round Robin format + Double Elim finals to the Top 4 teams.
  • Four teams invited, the remaining 4 spots will be given to teams who qualify through the OQT’s (Online Qualifying Tournaments).
  • $150 Team entry for a 6-7 week season.

Platinum Division Prize Pool & progression

1st: $1400 + Retain spot for S4
2nd: $600 + Retain spot for S4
3rd: $300 + Retain spot for S4
4th: $200 + Retain spot for S4
5th/6th: Retain spot for S4
7th/8th: Dropped to Relegation stage


Online Qualifying Tournaments

  • TWO OQT’s with the Top 2 teams from each Tournament advancing to the Platinum Division
  • FREE Entry with $150 Prize Pools for each OQT (🏆$100 & 🥈$50)


  • OQT #1 – Saturday 23/1/21 @ 2pm
  • OQT #2 – Sunday 24/1/21 @ 2pm


  • Two tiered bracket format
  • Single Elim until the top 8 teams are determined
  • Once the top 8 teams are determined, they will play out a Double Elim bracket
  • All matches are Best of 5 (HP/SND/CTRL/HP/SND)

How to sign up?


OPEN Division – $700*

  • Starts 1/2/21
  • Open to all teams outside of the Top 8
  • $40 entry fee per team for a 6-7 week season
  • Season will be split into even pools (if possible)
  • At which point, the season will be Single Round Robin + Double Elim finals to the Top 8 teams**
  • The top 6 teams of the OPEN Division will advance to the Relegation stage with the Bottom 2 Platinum Division teams

OPEN Division Prize Pool & Progression

1st: $180 or 25.71% + Promotion to S4 Relegation
2nd: $140 or 20% + Promotion to S4 Relegation
3rd: $100 or 14.29% + Promotion to S4 Relegation
4th: $80 or 11.23% + Promotion to S4 Relegation
5th/6th: $60 each or 8.57% each + Promotion to S4 Relegation
7th/8th: $40 each or 5.17% each

*Prize pool may increase with extra team entries.
**Finals format may change depending on the number of teams in each pool.



  • Top 6 OPEN Teams + the Bottom 2 Platinum Division teams
  • Double Elim Tournament with the Top 2 teams advancing to Season 4


Plans for the Future?

Eventually we would love to make the Platinum Division the premier competition outside of the official Challengers League. We plan on adding more teams to the Platinum Division over time, through each instalment of Call of duty for seasons to come!


More info (roster changes etc)

-Roster changes-

  • All Platinum / OPEN Teams must allocate a Team captain when joining the Season Discords. The team captain will be the main contact point for each team.
  • Teams MUST maintain at least TWO of their initial roster throughout the Platinum and OPEN season(s). Should teams request MORE roster changes and can’t maintain these two players, the roster changes will be denied and have to refer the ‘Fills/Subs’ section below.
  • Teams who can NOT maintain TWO players from their original roster may be forfeited from the season they are participating in.
  • Teams may have unlimited roster changes throughout Season 3, at the discretion of an AEN admin.
  • All roster changes will only be permitted once you have contacted an AEN admin and the roster change is allowed


  • Platinum Division teams may allocate TWO players as their subs for the season.
  • These subs MUST NOT be Platinum Division players and MUST be noted as their subs when registering for the season.
  • OPEN Division teams may register with 6 players in their team also, and MUST NOT be Platinum Division players.


  • Teams may NOT use fills as a general rule.
  • Fills are ONLY allowed if the other team permits them to play (Proof must be shown of this)

-Score Submissions-

  • All matches must include screenshots of ALL maps.