5v5 Variant Season Schedule

April 22, 2020

With registrations now closed and rosters locked in place, we can FINALLY move in to the business end of our FIRST Platinum Division Season!

Below you will find all relevant information relating to the upcoming season – Including match schedules, roster information, season breakdowns and post season information.



Season 1 Format

Season 1 has been opened to any team looking to compete. As a result, we have received 24 entrants which is far beyond our expectations and for that, we thank you! To ensure Season 1 is played at a reasonable pace, we have broken the teams into 4 pools of 6 with the top TWO from each pool advancing to the Finals bracket (Top 8 Teams).

Each team has been seeded by their performance during Phase 1 of our Season. We altered the scoring system to ensure teams are seeded by their talent and placements during Phase 1, while also rewarding teams / players who played in multiple Qualifying Tournaments.



Season Schedule

With the overwhelming support shown, we do request that you, as players and teams understand that this Season WILL require some cooperation on your behalf. We ask that teams adhere to the schedule and show up on time to your scheduled matches. Currently, we are in a pandemic which means Online Tournaments are now at the forefront of competition due to travel bans. This means the CDC (Challengers Division) HAS to take priority over the weekends. Due to this, our season will need to be played during the week and spread out to avoid player burn out and disinterest.

Below you will find our season schedule which has been broken down in to 3 weeks of Pool play matches and 3 weeks of Finals matches with WEDNESDAY’s being our preferred night of play.

The reason why we chose Wednesday’s is this falls with our schedule to stream and cast featured matches each week. We understand some teams may need to reschedule, more information on this below.


-Wednesday 29.4.20-

Pool Play (2 matches) – 7pm & 9pm

-Wednesday 6.5.20-

Pool Play (2 matches) – 7pm & 9pm

-Wednesday 13.5.20-

Pool Play (2 matches) – 7pm & 9pm

During Pool play, some teams will only be required to play 1 match per night/week as 5 pool play matches are scheduled during this stage.


-Wednesday 20.5.20-

Finals Round 1, Round 2 & Losers Round 1 – 7pm & 9pm

-Wednesday 27.5.20-

Winners Semi Finals. Losers Round 2 & Losers Round 3 – 7pm & 9pm

-Wednesday 3.6.20-

Losers Final & Grand Final – 7pm & 9pm

Full Schedule to be released at a later time. 


Rescheduling Matches

We understand some teams may need to reschedule matches due to time constraints. We will be allowing teams to reschedule matches, however we do request that 48 hours notice is given. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of your scheduled match. If you request a reschedule, your match may not feature on our stream.



Featured Matches

Each week we will select TWO matches to be played on stream. Our LIVE stream will occur every Wednesday during the Season’s duration with ONE 7pm match and ONE 9pm match displayed on stream. We hope to increase this feature for future seasons. Additionally, we are also seeking other streamers who wish to stream non-featured matches on their personal channels. More information on this soon!






We weren’t lying when we said we aim to be the pinnacle Grass-roots competition in Australia and New Zealand. Not only will you guys be playing for a slice of the $4000 prize pool, but you are also playing for your spot in Season 2 of the Platinum Division.

Season 2 will play host to the top 16 teams in our region with the TOP 12 from Season 1 securing their spot. The remaining 4 slots will need to be acquired through the relegation process.




Roster changes will be allowed during the season, however we will only be allowing roster changes to be made during a 48 hour window each week (Thursday – Friday) Currently, our Pre-Season roster lock period is in place which means your seed CAN NOT change. During the Final’s, Rosters CAN NOT be changed after our last ‘Roster change window’, they are locked in place at the conclusion of Pool Play.

Roster change windows:

30/4/20 – 1/5/20
7/5/20 – 8/5/20
14/5/20 – 15/5/20 – FINAL ROSTER CHANGES